Spruce it up

I was going to put our Christmas poinsettias on the Laurens Street bridge and see how everyone would like the new look.

It’s a bridge

For all of you complaining about the new Laurens Street bridge, you need to realize that it is exactly what it is; a bridge. It is not art, it was never meant to go in a museum, it does not need horses or anything else painted on it. It gets you over the tracks just like it was designed to do. Instead of spending money to try to make it “pretty,” why not pave the roads that are in horrible condition downtown? If you hate it that much, don’t use it. Try going by the courthouse or one of the three horrible wooden bridges that will rattle your car apart.


I’m ready to sell my house in downtown Aiken but there are a few behind me where the owner won’t fix up his rental houses. Is there anything that can be done about this? The City doesn’t seem to care that these homes are in such disrepair.

Bridge owner

Who is responsible for the upkeep of the bridge on Highway 28 going west from Beech Island into Georgia? Now that the rebar is showing and the holes are getting bigger, will it take the bridge collapsing to get someone to see the need for repair? There is a lot of traffic on that bridge and it needs immediate help; not just some asphalt thrown into the hole.

I’m dead

I applied for a credit card before Christmas and received in the mail that I couldn’t be given any credit because Experian said I was deceased.