John Kerry

What is wrong with John Kerry being secretary of state? The people in New Jersey are hurting. They paid taxes all their lives. The president is the commander in chief and if he says something needs to be done, it ought to be done right then.


If anyone has been on Gregg Avenue from Highway 1 to Old Trolley Line Road, you will see many potholes repaired with dirt that washes away when it rains. I had to have my front end realigned. Something desperately needs to be done.

No car lot

The planning commission and City Council have created the ugliest traffic jams on Silver Bluff, Pine Log and Whiskey roads. The last thing we need is used car lot. Stop defacing the town. Good, taxpaying people live on the Southside.

Gun control

What is wrong with this country that people would make bulletproof clothing for children? We need to get gun control.


My husband and I were having breakfast at the Huddle House on Richland Avenue on New Year’s Day. Someone paid for our breakfast, and I just wanted to say thanks. It will be paid forward.