Only in Aiken

“Only in Aiken” How many times have I said that in the past 15 years? Well, recently it happened again. I was taking a large package to the Aiken Mall for the Christmas package wrapping project to benefit the Tri-Development Center. I had the package on the tray of my walker as I have peripheral neuropathy disease in my legs. As I approached the entrance by Penneys, two people came up and held open the entrance doors for me.

When my package was nicely wrapped (thank you Tri-Development) and as I was about to leave the mall, once again some kind people held open the doors so I could easily leave. As I approached the edge of the sidewalk, I hesitated before trying to step off the curb into the parking lot.

Now comes the icing on this Christmas cake. A red car stopped by me and both the driver and the passenger stepped out and made certain that I was safely in the parking lot. My thanks and holiday blessings to you all, and once again – “Only in Aiken.”

Jed Alexander