Just not true

To those who think the government wants to take away their guns or ban guns all together, name a single elected state or federal official anywhere in the country who says he or she wants to do that. Itís just not true.

Leave bridge alone

We crossed this bridge and have beat this horse to death. We all need to just be happy and leave the Laurens Street bridge alone.


Isnít it wonderful that we have a Congress that tells us which light bulbs we have to use? Is there any doubt now that they are a group of dolts that dictate their whims on us without any real basis or knowledge of what they are doing? But, always remember, the tea party is the bad guy.

Social Security

How can a person who never worked get Social Security? Many people who work 40 or 50 years and pay into Social Security are treated the same as people who never put a dime into Social Security. Why is that?

A big thank you

My staff went to Cracker Barrel for Christmas brunch on Dec. 18 and there were 18 of us. Some nice person or company paid our bill, and I wanted to say a big thank you. That just shows how much good there is here in Aiken, because that was not just a few dollars. So, we say thank you from the Cumbee Center, and we appreciate that person.

Elder scams

About the phone scam. I know two elderly ladies who got scammed. One was for $2,100 and one was $3,500. They seem to prey on the older people, and this was a foreign caller. Donít fall for this.

Very clever

The piece about guns and spoons was very clever; however, the writer missed the point. Guns donít kill people. Guns make it easy for people to kill people.

God bless you

Thank you to the very nice lady at Walmart who paid for a gallon of milk and gave me and my wife $15. Just when you have doubts about people, something like this restores your faith that there are many good and kind people around you. God bless you.

Gun debate

The man who protects the president has guns to protect the president. The government isnít trying to take guns. If you have a problem with others giving up their guns, you are an idiot and shouldnít have one.