Tree limbs, highways

I wish the S.C. Department of Transportation would start cutting the tree limbs that are hanging over the roads. Itís getting to where you canít see around the curves anymore. I realize that when you have 10 people working for the department with eight of them sitting down in their sitting down places, not doing anything, while maybe two work. But go down Dixie or Clay Road, and you tell me. I mean, you canít drive on the highway anymore because the limbs are hitting the right side of your vehicle. The limbs are getting to be a problem all over the county. This used to not be a problem, but itís a problem now. Theyíve got plenty of people to work, if they would only do something.

Shops neednít come

I just read in editorial that Bass Pro Shops arenít coming to this area. Hey, I donít blame them. Everyone in Aiken is too old to fish.

Ugly bridge

I have an answer for the ugly bridge problem. If they want the bridge beautified, well, let the city decide to start getting money from people to do it. I guarantee you one thing. There wonít be any money raised, and people will quit griping about how ugly that nice bridge is. I agree with the person that called in. If you donít like the bridge, go around, or donít go on it.


This is for all those people who said that Clemson could play in primetime. Look whoís talking now.

Be more mature

This is in a response to the TalkBack about the Subway TV commercial where the girl keeps taking the sandwich and bullying. Hey, you grown people, you need to grow up. Step back, and look. You already passed your childhood and development part of your years. You Ďought to understand how to be an adult about everything instead of whining like a little child about problems all the time. This world is nothing but a greedy excuse anymore. Thatís all this world is, especially the United States.

Proud of teams

I was so proud to see the South represented as well as it was in bowl games. I guarantee you there were no two finer bowl games than the University of South Carolinaís and Clemsonís. I mean, I normally donít even consider Georgia, but they played really good as well. I tell you what, for all the people who were non-believers or the people that always said that Clemson played nobody, I guarantee you that they played a great game this time. They could have beat anybody, I do believe.