Don't miss 'Frost/Nixon

During our 12 years of living in Aiken, my husband and I have been privileged to have seen many fine theatrical and musical productions. Having said that, the Aiken Community Playhouse's newest offering “Frost/Nixon” simply amazed us.

From the dramatic staging to the quality of the acting, this production measures up to the best professional standards. Director Bob Franklin has positioned three giant screens as backdrops on the stage. This allows him to rotate visual images constantly. Some are simply photo backgrounds, say of the White House, or San Clemente. Some are streaming video, say of Vietnam. Finally, there are tight close-ups of the two titans as they battle it out in their famous TV interviews. This dramatic marriage of great live acting and audio-visual effects was riveting.

Bob Rollins manages to “channel” Richard Nixon. Although the program shows he has little physical resemblance to him, through the make-up, the voice modulations and the physical characterizations, he comes as close to the man as any actor I have seen. He is a veteran of 600 performances, and it shows. He captures this troubled, insecure, but brilliant character and makes us feel empathy for him.

Brad King's performance of David Frost is equally good. Perhaps not as difficult a character to portray, he is spot-on, right down to the accent.

Do yourself a favor and buy tickets to this memorable production. You'll be impressed with the talent we have right here in little Aiken.

Susan and Bill Reynolds


Editor's note: This version of this letter has been updated to correct the name of Brad King.