SC needs early voting

It has been two months since the general election was held on Nov. 6. The results have been validated, the 113th Congress has been installed, and President Obama will be inaugurated for a second term on Jan. 21. This is all good, but there are some residual issues that need to be addressed for the next election.

One of those issues centers around the long lines and confusion that was experienced in Aiken County and other counties in South Carolina as well as throughout much of the nation. A significant contributing factor to the long lines and confusion was self-inflicted by partisan operatives that wanted to fix the outcome of the election.

In South Carolina, early absentee voting is allowed, but only if one has a qualifying reason to vote absentee. To deal with the issue of the long lines, Rep. Bill Clyburn has a bill (H. 3153) to have early voting 30 days before an election. No qualifying reason will need to be given to vote early. I urge the Aiken County legislative delegation to support Clyburn’s bill.

Any thoughts of early voting giving a particular political party a voting advantage need to be abandoned. The S.C. Elections Commission supports early voting in the state, and our legislators should do what is necessary to make voting easier for all of us. If you agree, let your voice be heard.

On Jan. 1, South Carolina’s voter identification law went into effect. In my opinion, this law has no valid reason for being put into effect, but it is another factor that will impact voting in South Carolina and it will probably contribute to long lines and confusion at the polls. Early voting will mitigate some of these likely problems.

Moses Mims