Looking at the hypocrisy

As a conservative, I am frequently appalled at the hypocrisy of liberals and there is much to consider there. But, what of our own inconsistencies?

We must consider our own contradictions as conservatives not just for ethical, but for practical reasons as well. If we look to the most recent election we must review gay and reproductive rights. Conservatives should always promote less government involvement whenever possible.

With regard to gay marriage, do we as Americans really want to deny equal rights to any person or group?

In Germany every couple that wishes to marry must first create a binding legal arrangement through civil union. This is simply a legal contract defining their relationship.

A separate religious marriage and ceremony is optional. Conservatives should have no qualms with a couple of any gender defining their relationship in legal terms.

The religious marriage is an issue in which government should never be involved.

The reproductive rights of women should also be viewed in this way. As contentious as the issue of abortion is, we as conservatives should not wish to involve government in such a personal concern. Clearly, abortion is a tragic solution to birth control, but surely there is no more private decision for a woman. It is unimaginable to me that government should have any control over the internal functions of one’s body.

In looking at these two issues, one cannot avoid seeing the commonality of the two. Both relate to some degree to our sexuality. In view of our unique puritanical history, one must question if this has effected our ability to rationally assess the role of government, and the political result.

Conservatives lost the election by 3 percent. With a gay population of roughly 10 percent and women representing more than 50 percent of the constituency, the math is not fuzzy politically.

Edward Simpson