Opposes gun bans

The Newtown, Conn., elementary school mass killing is the news story. The politicians want to do something to show that they care.

Caring is what closed most insane asylums and makes it so difficult to restrain anyone, even those known to be unstable.

Do we address the mentally ill issue or not? Additional regulations to restrict gun ownership are advocated.

Gun control laws try to restrict guns to specific people, places and uses (not possible, because there are currently over 200 million guns in public hands); therefore potential killers can and will obtain guns and the general population will have very little defense.

The banning of guns from schools, theaters, other public enterprises, government buildings, etc. makes it easier for these mass killings to occur.

The second amendment was written to protect the people from the government. The states would not ratify the constitution without the first 10 amendments, The Bill of Rights.

The antigun people today speak like it was some kind of a hunting discussion. The people may someday need automatic weapons and high capacity magazines to protect themselves from tyranny. A future renegade government would not have to disarm the population; it would have already been fait accompli. What happened in Germany in the 1930s? What happened in Russia? I know some of you think that it is preposterous to think it could happen in the USA.

What surely can happen in the U.S. near term are riots, caused by economic disruptions that bring angry people into the street who start looting and burning. Riots similar to what happened in Athens, Paris and Buenos Aires could easily occur in the USA.

How much personal protection do you need in Aiken? Personal protection is an individual choice under the constitution, not what a federal government edict allows.

Gil Mullins