Positive anomaly

This is in response to the discussion concerning home schooling. My wife and I home-schooled our child for all of her elementary years and most of her years in junior high. Due to extenuating circumstances we had to place her in public school. When we did, she was immediately placed in advanced classes. We were living in another state at the time and she was offered an academic scholarship in the ninth grade. She finished high school early and went to college on an academic scholarship being the youngest person in her freshman class. I realize that this may be a positive anomaly, so perhaps is the negative situation proposed in a previous TalkBack concerning home schooling.


We would just like to say that we would like to see our bridge comment along with so many others which is in order to beautify the bridge, place one thoroughbred statue on one side of the bridge and one on the other.

Matching decor

So a bridge is a bridge. I think you’re all missing the point. When you go to work in the morning, would you wear one brown shoe and one black shoe? Of course not, you’d like them to match. I think the point of the conversation is that the town would like the bridge to match the decor of Aiken.

Thank you, Outback

I would like to say a big thank you to the local Outback restaurant for recognizing veterans not only on Veterans Day but also through the remainder of 2012 with the nice discounts on dinners. Have a happy New Year, Outback, and may this be a very prosperous year for you.

Helping animals

Thank you, technicians from the Aiken Animal Hospital, for helping my little sweat pea when she was so sick. Thank you so much.


A nice lady at the post office gave me a postage stamp and wouldn’t take any money for it. That’s when both offices closed early. Need more people like this.

Toll bridge

I have a plan for our bridge. People want to glamorize it and have statues and fountains on it and everything. Why don’t we just put a toll on it? When you’re unhappy, take the bridge and pay the toll, and by the end of the year, we can put your statues and fountains on it. If you have a little extra money, each time you go over it, you could have a marching band on each side to congratulate you for passing.


I see where several people have called in to TalkBack asking when the state would notify people about who was hacked. I was wondering if the paper could follow through and see if they could find out from the governor’s office when we’ll hear.