Two women were charged for a burglary, as well as drug offenses Sunday, according to the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office.

Angela Garcia, 44, of Warrenville, was charged with two counts of possession of other controlled substance (schedule I-V) first offense and second degree burglary and Ann Morgan, 35, of Graniteville, was charged with second degree burglary and simple possession of marijuana, according to the detention center.

Deputies responded to a burglary in progress on Barway Drive when they were advised by dispatch that the victim was following the subjects’ vehicle, according to a sheriff’s report. The victim was located by the responding deputies on Whiskey Road near Sharyn Lane, and the vehicle he was following was stopped.

The victim stated that when he arrived at his property, he noticed a black Jeep parked in the yard.

He then saw two people come out of his residence and leave. He proceeded to follow them.

The driver of the vehicle, identified as Garcia, told the deputy that they had permission to enter the home from an unknown person to obtain several items, according to the report.

The passenger, identified as Morgan, stated the same thing, and both said they entered the home through the front door, which was unlocked.

The items that were found in the Jeep included wine, yard decor, household items and hand tools. The victim identified the items as his property.

Morgan’s and Garcia’s purses were searched by deputies. According to the report, Garcia’s purse contained two small, green bags containing a “clear, crystal-like substance.” She stated that she didn’t know how that got into her purse, according to the report.

Three cigarettes containing a green, leafy substance were found in the vehicle, which Morgan claimed belonged to her, according to the report.

Both women were transported to the Aiken County detention center, and the stolen items were returned to the victim.