The momentum is definitely going in DFG Stables’ Daniel Geitner’s direction as the Aiken-based horseman who won the Progressive Show Jumping Aiken Winter Classic Week No. 1 Welcome Stake on Thursday with Ann Ritter’s Jumbo Jet, built on that success Sunday by placing 1-2 in the PSJ Aiken Winter Classic Week No. 1 Mini Prix, with Booth Parker’s Warmblood Colline Z and the aforementioned Jumbo Jet.

The class at Highfields Event Center featured 11 rider/horse combinations. The 1.30 meter course was designed by J.P. Godard, and the first round track featured 12 obstacles and 15 jumping efforts. The course proved to be very technical featuring three combinations.

“It (the first round track) was harder than it walked, a lot of related distances, some of them came up a little bit on the half stride, and the lines coming home got easy,” said Geitner.

The Aiken-based horseman is the only rider who would post clear rounds, going fault free with Colline Z, stopping the timer in 88.550, and with Jumbo Jet as they completed the course in 91.685. The mare who earned the blue ribbon just turned 11 years old, and turned in a brilliant first round performance.

“Jump one was in a funny place, and it caught a lot of people,” said Geitner. “It was kind of down at the end of the ring, so you weren’t expecting it. I chose not to jump off because it rode hard enough. I figured there might not be many clean, and it worked out.”

Booth Parker, who owns Colline Z, will ride the mare during the Aiken Winter Classic Week No. 2 in the low and medium amateur jumper classes, said Geitner.

“I get to show her every once in a while,” said Geitner. “She’s great. She’s a little sports car, fast and careful, and rides nice.”

The veteran bay gelding Jumbo Jet, who will turn 15, was also very much on his game in the mini prix.

“Jumbo was just fabulous,” said Geitner. “I thought after his welcome, when I went pretty quick, he would be a little wired. He settled in and just rode around here perfect.”