Money for paint

I have the best solution for these people who want the Laurens Street bridge painted. If you want it painted, why don’t you come up with the money, and the city will be more than happy to hire some artist to do it. I’m sure there are plenty of hungry artists around here that would just love to make that extra money from you people. It’s a bridge! Let it be.

Camo bridge

I’ve read several comments in the paper about fixing the downtown bridge. When I look at the bridge it reminds me of an old saying: “You can’t see the forest through the trees.” Well, the bridge isn’t the sore spot for the eyes. It’s the big shiny, silver guard rails. I think if we camouflaged them to blend in with the surroundings, the bridge talk would cease.

Stay working

The display on the Columbia police chief retiring then reapplying for his old job – this is how the state loses so much money. If you want to stay working, stay working. If you retire from your job, draw your full benefit from it and then go back and get your old job back again and draw the same pay you were making. If that’s not double dipping, I’ve never seen it in my life. We need to cease this activity in South Carolina; it’s costing the taxpayers too much money. Give someone else a chance to be chief.

Produce prices

I was just wondering. The produce people – the farmers and so forth. Y’all know that we’re having all of this rain and hopefully it will be a rainy spring. Are they going to use this like the oil companies? Are they going to lower prices in the coming year if they have a good season, or are they going to be like everyone else?


You see Toole Hill and Crosland Park in the paper being helped all the time. What about the little village of Warrenville? Does anyone not care about that? Is there a developer out there who would come through and help this little town?

Mental health

Yes, we have a mental health problem in this country, but most of it works up in Washington, D.C. How could our Congressmen and Senators for the last few years put us in debt? That’s when we should start checking for our mental health.


“A mule is a mule” ... well, yes, and an outhouse is a toilet. Most of us choose to upgrade from an outhouse. I will step up and donate the first $100 for a fund to “Aikenize” the Lauren Street bridge. I, too, like a simple facade of a brick wall as the easiest, quickest way to beautify the cement sides of the bridge.

Solving the budget

This is for solving the budget. Government workers do not retire at 65; they retire at 55, making $100,000. Their salaries stay the same as if they’re still working, whereas we receive one check a month. That is what the government does – every other week. So, they are making more than we are, same as double dipping. Vacation paid, while still working.

Trauma unit

Why doesn’t Aiken County have a trauma unit instead of sending people who are injured in severe accidents or gunshot wounds 25 miles to Augusta? I don’t think that’s right for the patient or anyone to have to suffer that long.


Would someone please tell me what a Redbox is that New Ellenton needs? Never heard of it.


To show my ignorance, in the Jan. 2 paper, there was an article that said more churches accepting LGBTQ in their congregations. In my age, I have no clue what LGBTQ means. I read the article, and it never explained what that means. The only thing I saw in it was about a gentleman who started his own church because he was gay, but that doesn’t explain the rest of the letters. If anyone knows, please educate this old, elderly ignorant woman, because I have no clue.

Pay cut

After the poor job that Congress has been doing all these years, I think it’s time that they take a huge pay cut. I mean, if they make more than $75,000 a year, they are making way too much.

New Year baby

It was nice to see that, for the first time in several years, the new year’s baby for both Aiken and Augusta were born to married parents.

Life guard training

For the person inquiring about life guard training, I have a phone number and a name. Call the American Red Cross at 226-0323 and ask for Kevin.