Aiken Communications is creating a new dedicated digital division.

The division is named TootSuite, and Tim O'Briant has been named general manager to lead it.

“Our digital business has grown significantly over the past few years,” said Scott Hunter, president of Aiken Communications. “The size and growth pace of digital now dictates that it be separated from our print operations to allow it to flourish even more.”

TootSuite is designed to be a digital marketing partner for businesses both large and small. Services provided include video production, website creation and management, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, reputation management and email advertising.

The Internet-age inspired name is a play on one of the most common expressions in the French language and means, “right away” or “immediately.” The French spelling is toute de suite, with the “de” being silent. Because of its pronunciation, it is often spelled as it sounds in English as toot suite. The double meaning, of course, is the idea of tooting one's horn, thus TootSuite is a suite of products and services designed to help businesses promote themselves.

“We are not de-emphasizing print,” said Hunter. “That division is ongoing and growing, as well. Some staffers who will move to TootSuite have already been largely handling digital duties. But we have added staff for TootSuite and will add more.”

Before being promoted, O'Briant had been executive editor of Aiken Standard. He now will have both sales and content staffers reporting to him.

“We are blessed to have Tim's leadership skills available to lead this new division,” Hunter said. “Tim has a very rare combination of expertise in sales, content and technology.”

O'Briant came to Aiken Standard as managing editor in 2000, following many years of experience in both the advertising and editorial sides of the newspaper business.

“This new role is a huge challenge and a wonderful opportunity,” O'Briant said. “The world of advertising and communications has changed dramatically since I typed my first story on an electric typewriter 25 years ago.”

An admitted technology addict, O'Briant said he wants the new division to be a valuable resource to business owners trying to navigate the dizzying array of channels available to them for reaching their customers.

“The new tools are exciting and effective, and there are more being inventing every day,” he said. “TootSuite's mission will be to guide clients who have trusted our services at Aiken Standard for more than a century into a brave and profitable new world.”

O'Briant is a member of First Presbyterian Church of Aiken, the Kiwanis Club and a past chair of Public Education Partners. He and his wife, Sharyn, have two children, Colin, 15, and Brendan, 11.

TootSuite will at first be housed within the Aiken Standard building but is expected to soon move into its own office.

O'Briant can be contacted by phone at 644-2380 or via email at