The mail

We have an antiquated postal system. Time to remove the other jobs for the federal employees.

Is there something wrong with our mail? I just received 15 Christmas cards on Dec. 28.

Gun control

I would like for someone to tell me why the National Rifle Association is so powerful. It seems they have almost any say when it comes to guns. They said guns are not killing people. It sounds real silly to me. I donít care who it is or whatís wrong with them, guns are killing people. We need to get these types of automatic weapons out of the hands of nuts, and I do agree with what Gov. Nikki Haley said. We need to focus more on our people that have these problems. They donít need to be on the street. They need to be in some mental institution.

Gun control. Thatís right, guns do control. Hereís an example, schools or any other place will not be a target if people armed with guns are protecting it. The lives of property and people will be protected, and lives will be saved.

The NRA recommends armed guards in every school. Isnít it odd that they make no suggestion for all the other uses of guns in this country, and more odd that nobody confronts them with this? How about murders, robberies with guns, shootings in movie theaters, malls, Army posts, gang fights? Thereís far more violence there in sheer numbers than all school shootings combined, but I guess these donít require consideration by the NRA, whose sole purpose in life is unfettered support of the Second Amendment.

Gun exemption

A bill to exempt guns made in South Carolina from federal rule? Should we just secede from the Union? What is the matter with you people?

Hard worker

Just curious to see if there are any employers left who still appreciate dependable, hard-working, self-disciplined employees?