Pave the roads

I recently received my vehicle tax notice and now I understand why the most historical things about Aiken’s “Historic Downtown” are the roads, especially Park Avenue. My taxes on a 10-year-old motorcycle are practically $200 with $95 for school tax and only $1 for road improvement. I have no children in school, but seeing how I live one block from downtown, I would prefer not to shake my car or bike to pieces. Please pave the roads.

Bridge upgrade

The bridge is fine, but it could be more attractive if a scene or something related to Aiken were painted on it. It might be a nice project for art teachers or artists to submit their ideas to the Aiken Center for the Arts or City Council for approval.

Phone plans

Walmart has two great cell phone services. T-Mobile and Straight Talk, they are both $45 a month and are unlimited. I’ve had a problem getting a hold of customer service, though.


How about Obama’s announcements? John Kerry for Secretary of State – then Biden to control violence as special assignment – which he accepted with his hands in his pockets. At least he’s casual about it all. Is this all some bad joke?


I closed my small business, putting those people out of work. They are the mess with the taxes that is coming with Obamacare.

Guns and spoons

Guns kill people like spoons cause obesity and cars cause drunken drivers.


One of the City Council members mentioned wanting Aiken to be a better and safer place for its citizens and to attract new businesses. Many companies look at our transportation and roads. They need to improve.

Morning commute

It never fails – almost every morning on my way to work, I get behind a female who is putting on makeup and fixing her hair while driving. Do you realize that you are speeding up and slowing down and crossing the yellow line and almost running off the road? Wouldn’t it be simpler to get up a few minutes earlier in the morning and do this before you leave? I was behind one this morning and saw her putting on the eye shadow, liner and mascara then out comes the comb and the hair spray. Well, I hope your makeup is completed and hair looks good when you cross the center line and kill yourself and the driver of the other car. I am a female, and I get dressed before I leave for work, so it would be appreciated if you would do the same.