What would we do without government?

On a recent run, I was enjoying the beautiful weather and natural surroundings. The location of the run was of note. The city of Aiken has a lovely 2,000 acre wood. The forest is maintained by a non-profit organization having been donated by the Hitchcock Family in 1939. It is used by the community and is a major attraction for the city as perhaps the largest urban forest in the nation.

As I was running, it occurred to me that it is really a waste. Firstly, this wonderful resource was donated by one of those vulture capitalists of whom we have all heard. Clearly the wealth which enabled the contribution of said acreage was acquired illegitimately. It was no doubt amassed through the exploitation of the masses and insufficiently punitive taxation. Then the swine in question had the gall to give the land to the community for public use. This is what occurs when the bourgeoisie are not penalized appropriately.

Alternatively, the forest should have been cleared for the people. It would be a lovely site for public housing or better yet, government offices. At this very moment the county is building a new office complex. The initial cost was to be $24 million but now is projected to be closer to $40 million due to the efficiency of our county bureaucrats in a city with a population of a mere 25,000. This complex will house the various officials (all of whom are paid considerably more than their private sector comrades) required to impede the malevolent activities of the people, which might result in liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Some of whom might even be able to give land for a park to the community. Even now the various county and city technocrats are arguing over which government codes; city or county will apply to the construction of the complex. It is a vicious cycle that requires constant vigilance. You can see the evil potential of creative destruction.

How could we survive without our municipal, county, state and federal governmental restraints?

Edward Simpson