Disagrees with Pitts column

I’ve been mulling over something that your beloved Leonard Pitts wrote in a recent column. He said that Second Amendment supporters have a fantasy of hobnail boots coming down the street. In other words, he thinks it’s a fantasy to think that a government can be oppressive of its citizens.

I will be 68 years old soon, and I am including a partial list of governments that have killed their unarmed citizens en masse just in my lifetime: Germany, Japan, Russia, China, North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Cambodia, many African countries, Kosovo, Iraq,Afghanistan and of course Syria. This list does not include oppressive regimes like Hugo Chavous in Venezuela, who uses death squads to suppress opposition. And I’m sure Pitts must think that Iran is just swell.

A great number of our veterans support the citizen soldier concept that our forefathers endorsed because we have seen firsthand what a government can do to unarmed citizens who are unable to protect themselves. How is it that a government employee is inherently responsible with a gun, but his law-abiding civilian counterpart is not?

By the way, our country was founded because of the oppressive taxation of Great Britian on its citizens. Sound familiar?

Patrick A. Tolton