Bypass priority

I was pleased to see that Dick Dewar has the 118 Bypass uppermost in his goal. I didnít see it mentioned by anyone else. Something needs to be done about this bypass, and it needs to be done correctly.

Tax code

If Obama was able to get rid of the health care system thatís been in place for 60 years, why canít we get rid of the failed tax system that is oppressing us? We should be able to get rid of this progressive tax code, and if you canít get rid of the IRS in the process, donít bring up the option. The only option we have is a fair tax.

Red Box

New Ellenton needs a Red Box.


Iím calling in about how national debt should get the facts right. Only the legislative branch of our government approves the money that is spent in this country, not the president.


Iím calling about your Sunday TalkBack about homeschooling that a lot of people might be thinking about because of Connecticut, people might want to start homeschooling their kids. I want to tell you that my sister homeschoooled her children, but she was never home to school them. They never went to school. She just said she was because it was easier.

Absurd expectations

In response to ďPull Over,Ē I drive the speed limit and have people back up behind me frequently. I do keep right on four lane roads, and I believe in your ďslower traffic keep rightĒ statement. However, for you to suggest that I should pull off on the shoulder when I am obeying the speed limit is absurd. Yes, people do often drive faster and people often back up behind me, but they are breaking the law if they drive above the limit at all. Itís difficult to drive at exactly the speed limit, but there is no ďminimum speedĒ on most roads. People pulling on and off the shoulders would be much more hazardous than someone driving a little slower than you.

Solving the budget

Save the budget. All they had to do was go into these big government personnel, who make $100,000 or more at the age of 65. Put them with us in Social Security, and maybe they would get the budget solved real quick. After working 50-60 years and youíre retired, I get a measly little check once a month, and I donít make anywhere near what they make there. They have it made.

Wedding cakes

I think the lady who made the beautiful wedding cake lives on Pine Log. Her name is Evelyn Jackson.