Hiring demands

If you are a felon, you can’t have any firearms whatsoever, or it’s five years in federal prison. A felony is a serious crime, characterized under federal law and many state statutes as any offense punishable by death or imprisonment in excess of one year. I do agree with second chances. Felons should be considered for hire. I would hire a qualified one immediately, but a law demanding the hiring of felons is too much. Sorry, we just can’t go down that road. How about a law demanding the hiring of veterans, our true down-to-Earth warriors?


I would like to thank the driver’s who were so patient with me when made an error. I wasn’t on the phone, I just made a mistake.

Fair trade

About guns. When the man who protects the president gives up his guns, then the man who protects my family will give up his.

Grave cleaning

This is to the person requesting help to cleaning the Confederate ancestor’s grave. Call 648-6072, and I will talk to you about cleaning your Confederate ancestor’s grave.


I got a comment back to an article in TalkBack called “Spankings.” I don’t know – you rambled and what you wrote back. I never even mentioned guns. When I was talking about getting spanked, I was talking about disciplining children. So, you know, you’re confused. You’re the type of person who doesn’t need a gun.

Not in our interest

How would we have known that the federal government went over the fiscal cliff? It does so little for the people anyway. Since politicians learned how to get their hands on the till and pad their own pockets, the government has done increasingly less and less for the working people. They silence an increasing number with handouts and they don’t ever hear what the working people who are contributing really want.

Passing lane

Yes, pulling off would not be a good idea if you truly are driving the speed limit. If someone passes you, then they are breaking the law. However, my beef is with people driving in the passing lane. The left-hand lane is for passing or turning left only. If you are in the passing lane and are impeding the flow of traffic, you can be pulled over even if you are doing the speed limit. So stay out of the passing lane unless you are passing or turning left.