Opposes any assault weapon ban

It never ceases to amaze me the ignorance of some people, especially these so-called hunters who oppose certain weapons and magazines. AK-47s andAR-15s ARE in fact used by some hunters. Do you know that some hunters use black powder rifles? Do you know that some hunters use a bow and arrow?

I’ll bet you don’t know that some hunters even hunt wild boar with a spear-that’s right. Google it and see for yourself. As for large-capacity magazines, the choice of size is up to the hunter. If he wants to lug around the extra weight, that’s fine with me. As for non-hunting uses of large-capacity magazines, I call your attention to the August robbery of a North Augusta gun store. Three armed robbers crashed their vehicle into the front of the store and started to steal weapons. The store owner, who lived in the back, confronted them with his semi-automatic rifle. He emptied his 30-round magazine, and had to retreat to his bedroom to get another and reload. He killed one robber, and the other two fled. He needed a large-capacity magazine to protect his store, his wife and himself.

I challenge you gun-haters out there tell him face-to-face he doesn’t need a large-capacity magazine. Finally, I want to address you so-called NRA members who support an assault weapon ban.

I’m tempted to flat-out call you people liars, but I’ll offer this suggestion instead: just quit. That’s right, if you really are a member and don’t like the NRA’s position on weapons or large-capacity magazine bans, just quit. It’s a free country – or, at least it used to be, no thanks to liberals.

Richard Rustad