Burglar steals electronics from family home

An Aiken County family’s home was burglarized with thousands of dollars worth of electronics stolen.

The Broad Water Loop home was attacked sometime Sunday, leaving broken doors and vandalism behind, according to Aiken County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Two video game systems, a 50-inch flat-screen television and a keyboard were among the many items taken.

The victims arrived home late Sunday evening to discover both the front and back doors to their home ajar. The rear door appeared to have been pried open, according to reports.

Two vehicles broken into in Warrenville

A Warrenville woman had two vehicles broken into that were parked at her home over the weekend.

A Dodge Charger and a Ford Expedition both had windows smashed and items stolen from within.

The Dodge had a purse stolen from it.

A .22 semi-automatic rifle and the radio of the Ford where taken, as well.

Aiken County Sheriff’s Office Deputies processed the cars for fingerprints but were unable to find any, according to reports.

The thefts happened between 10 p.m. and 6:30 a.m., according to the victim. She was awakened by her dog barking at one point during the night but thought nothing else of it and went back to sleep.

Teen faces charges for damaging vehicles

An Aiken man could be facing charges after an alleged drunken rampage resulting in damage to three cars.

A “highly intoxicated” 18-year-old man became aggressive at a party on Coker Spring Drive home in Aiken, according to Aiken Department of Public Safety reports.

The man alleged to have caused the damage began attacking cars, kicking at least three, causing damage and leaving his boot print on one car’s quarter panel, reports state.

Officers’ attempts to communicate with the man had failed to reach him, according to reports. Two victims agreed to write written reports of his alleged actions, according to ADPS reports.