Paving roads

For a few years, it seemed like a lot of roads were getting paved, but you don’t hardly hear about it anymore. There are lots of roads that need to be paved.

Stolen tax information

Does anyone know when we will hear from the state exactly whose income tax information was stolen?


We need to investigate the food stamp program and the unemployment office. You work for 20 years, get laid off and go into the office and are told you can’t collect until after 13 weeks.

Bullying on TV

I think the Subway ad on TV promotes bullying. The two gals in the office keep taking the sandwich and drink away from Todd. This is bullying and should not be glorified in this manner.

Bridge expenses

Why don’t we put a thoroughbred statue on one side of the bridge, a waterfall on the other and charge it to the 47 percent.

Mental health

Kudos to Gov. Haley. I second her proposal regarding mental health control. We need to have many conversations about mental health. Our elementary schools would also be strengthened if the police came to eat lunch there. A police car and officer would promote a positive, safe presence.


Could someone explain how the taxpayers bailed out GM and is now loosing money on this current deal?


I can’t believe the arrogance of Mr. Sanford. Who would vote for a liar and a cheat? Perhaps he should take another long hike on the Appalachian trail.

Confederate graves

Contact Bobby’s BBQ if you’re interested in cleaning the Confederate grave in Graniteville. The Sons of the Confederacy meets there, and they should be able to help.

Too many deer

I read an article that the S.C. Natural Resources Department has extended hunting season into January. I guess we have too many deer.

Lock up your guns

We don’t need armed guards in schools. We need responsible parents who buy rifles and lock them up. Teens shouldn’t be able to get their hands on weapons.