Welcome back

Welcome back, Rob Novit. Delighted to see your beautiful photographs and your interviews again.

Fix the roads

Crosland Park is one of the oldest areas in Aiken. Is there a reason the roads are so raggedy? Something must be done about these roads.

Silent Senators

Where are John McCain and Lindsay Graham? We lost people overseas in Libya, and they were on the news all the time. We recently lost 20 children. Why are they not talking about it?

Bring back the draft

We need to do something about gun control. One thing we can do is bring back the draft. All people at the age of 18 will be registered and go through the mental evaluation. That way, there will be a record of people who are mentally unstable, and they can be watched.

A good deed

The lady and staff at the Habitat for Humanity were so very helpful today after the theft of my 87-year-old mother’s purse. They were so helpful. My mom was looking at items in the store, and someone took her purse out of the buggy. My mother was quite upset. A special lady noticed and gave my mom $20 for a prescription we had to pick up that day. I wish we had gotten her name. This proves that good people are still around, and we will pass on this good deed to someone else in need.

Take note

I’m happy North Augusta is getting a new stadium. Aiken should take note of this instead of cramming everything on Whiskey Road.

Bible back in school

It is time for us to get Bible study and prayer back in the public schools. It only took one heathen to have it removed. This needs to be voted on by the public.

Thank you for the help

I am a Superstorm Sandy victim, and I wanted to thank a woman I met in Kroger who was so kind. I’m here staying with my sister. This woman bought my groceries, and I would like to thank her. Everyone here has been so kind. This woman made me feel so good.

Not all are mentally ill

There are plenty of violent, angry criminals that are not mentally ill.

Function over form

I agree that Aiken’s old buildings, roads and parkways are beautiful, but a bridge is not something decorative. It’s there so you don’t fall into the ravine.

Tree limbs

The tree limbs are not picked up in New Ellenton. There are lots of people looking for jobs that can surely do better than what’s being done.

Lifeguard training

Is there anyone in the area who offers lifeguard training? I’ve checked with the Red Cross and the Family Y, and neither offer it.

Phone scam

I just got a call from a foreign man calling for Social Security and wanting my information. I hung up before giving him anything. Is anyone else getting these calls?

Stone facing

The Laurens Street bridge should perhaps get a stone or concrete facing. There is a similar bridge in Augusta. I think it would greatly improve our bridge.

Thank you

We at the Cumbee Center to Assist Abused Persons went out for brunch, and someone bought our meal. We appreciated it very much.

Two angels

Our car stalled, and we were pushing it out of the road when two angels appeared to help us. We would like to thank Mike and Kelley for their assistance that day.

Beautiful wedding cake

There was a lady who used to live on Silver Bluff Road who did beautiful wedding cakes. Does anyone know what became of her?

Closed early

I agree that the bridge is unsightly. It’s terrible that downtown is closed at 6 p.m. There are people milling about with nowhere to shop.

Space on the Westside

Longhorn doesn’t necessarily need to go on the Southside. There is plenty of space on the Westside, and we sure would like to have it.

A bridge is a bridge

Why are so many people complaining about the bridge? It cost enough to build the thing. Where are we getting the money to do all this work to it? You can dress a mule as a race horse, and it’s still a mule.

Badly timed light

The Eastgate Drive light to turn on to Whiskey Road is terribly timed. A line of cars can’t get through before it changes. A traffic study needs to be done.

Steer clear

People need to get over the bridge. It’s a bridge. It looks liked a bridge. If you don’t like it, drive in such a way that you don’t have to see it.


Does Gov. Haley have the authority to appoint someone to office? I thought that is why we had voting rights.

Let felons work

I see they are trying to pass a law so convicted felons can’t get rifles. They need to pass a law that says people need to hire convicted felons. We have to pay bills, too.

Switch funding

I think arming the schools would be a good thing. They say it will cost more than a billion dollars. They need to take these people off welfare and put it back into the schools. They need to get out and work. They can rake yards if nothing else, but they need to be working. The money will serve us better in the schools.