As Aiken Standard searched for its Person of the Year for 2012, we asked for your nominations. Beside nominations we received for Coleen Reed, whom Aiken Standard named its Person of the Year for 2012, here are some other submitted nominations, with abbreviated versions of their reason for the nomination:

Travis Griffin

Nominator wrote: If I could nominate the whole Aiken Department of Public Safety as Person of the Year, I would do so. Since this honor can only go to one person, though, I would like to nominate Travis Griffin. He is the forgotten hero and wounded officer from the night of Scotty Richardsonís untimely and unfortunate death. Travisí 29th birthday is (Dec. 21), ... also the night that awful tragedy took place one year ago. Travis has undergone many life changes since then and is still trying to get his life and career path back on track. However, one thing is certain Ė Travis almost made the ultimate sacrifice that night to protect and serve the city of Aiken. For this reason alone, he deserves Person of the Year recognition and so much more.

Carlene Clark

Nominator wrote: I would like to nominate Carlene Clark as person of the year. She is a kind and loving person who is tireless in her position as a personal banker at First Citizens Bank. She is very busy in her work at helping people in this crazy economy with their financial needs, such as loans or refinancing existing loans. A lot of her customers are elderly, and she accommodates them with many services. Carlene is also involved with the Aiken Kiwanas Club. This club works in the community in all sorts of ways, such as encouraging fledgling businesses and sharing in local schools. Carlene is also involved in the new Aiken Area Community Tennis Association. She has a love for tennis and people and wants to use this to bring people to the sport that would not normally be exposed to tennis. Carlene has agreed to serve as the secretary of this new organization. Carlene is also active in Millbrook Baptist Church. She is also an outstanding wife and mother.

Kathryn Wade

Nominator wrote: The nominee I think the award should go, without question, is Kathryn Wade. As for her story, it is all laid out in the Dec. 12 edition of Aiken Standard. Anyone who can accomplish what she did and continues doing is your best candidate.

Editorís note: The Dec. 12 edition of Aiken Standard included a story on the results of the One Table, a free, annual Thanksgiving dinner. Wade has served as event coordinator for One Table for three years. This year was another successful dinner, as Wade led the One Table effort that served more than 2,000 people, as well as coordinating roughly 400 volunteers.

Will Williams

Nominator wrote: I nominate Will Williams, director of the Aiken & Edgefield Economic Development Partnership, for Person of the Year. While no single person or organization is responsible for Aiken County economic development, without the partnership and Willís leadership the county would be the loser. Will is a South Carolina Certified Economic Developer, a native South Carolinian and a graduate of The Citadel. Most of Willís work is behind the scenes, influencing and educating potential businesses about the best that Aiken has to offer. Will is a consistent,†hard-working community leader. His knowledge of business and county resources provides a central source for any business contemplating growth in Aiken. You couldnít do better than selecting Will as Person of the Year.