Enough is enough. When is this shooting going to stop? You can't go to school, the movies or the mall without fear of being shot. This needs to stop now.

Happy New Year

I was at Cracker Barrel eating lunch, and someone paid for it. I would just like to thank them and wish them a happy new year.


We have school monitors in all of our schools. Why don't they arm them?


I would like to thank the young lady who paid for my coffee in Kroger on my birthday. That was a sweet and thoughtful thing to do.

TV violence

If violence would be taken out of TV, movies and video games and have the main focus be on the Bible, things would be better. When violent offenders are in court rooms, there need to be serious consequences. We need to focus on being good to each other.


If you have a viral infection, there is nothing the doctor can do for it other than prescribe aspirin. You are told to return to the doctor if the virus doesn't go away because it can cause a bacterial infection can occur. Antibiotics work on bacterial infections, not viral infections.

New bridge

The new Laurens Street bridge should be painted with horses and hounds to make it a beautiful attraction. The scene could even be changed by repainting.