Yes, I agree with you that the members of Congress should attend the funerals of the Newtown victims, but to say that they should put a reign on the NRA is outrageous. Banning guns is not the answer. Everyone is for getting rid of guns and talking out against the NRA over this tragic time. But, if the killer went in and slaughtered everyone with a knife, you wouldn’t see people trying to ban knives. It’s not guns that are killing people, it’s people who want to break the laws killing people. If we ban guns, there isn’t anything stopping criminals from getting to the guns if they really wanted to do something.

The media

Can you imagine the crass commercialization of “ET” and the media making two full days of programs on the Connecticut disaster? “ET,” if you didn’t know, is “Entertainment Tonight” – reporting Hollywood. They even said that Hollywood is supporting Connecticut. How? Making more violent movies? They knew they could command a big audience with these programs – shameful. How much profit was made by this unsavory commercialization of a sad affair?

New idea

Instead of an armed officer in every school, we should have a teacher in every gun shop.

Disturbing letter

I find it very disturbing that a person wrote in a letter that “a little bit of heaven came to Sandy Hook in Newtown, Conn., on Friday, Dec. 14,” and that this was an example of God being “severe in his mercy.” The God I know would not destroy innocent children to prove a point. His rant has shown him to be a harsh, judgmental and vengeful person to be pitied and avoided.

Thank you

To most people, $10 means nothing. But, to me, it means my son can have an $8 toy, thanks to the man handing out $10 bills in Goodwill.