Iím so sick and tired of people in response to Clemson football. They played who they were scheduled to play, get over it. The same thing happened in 1984 to Brigham Young when they went undefeated, and people said that they didnít deserve to be national champions. They played who they were schedule to play, and they were undefeated, and they deserve to be the champions. Get over it, find a new life.


The definition of a hypocrite is someone supporting abortion rights and demanding gun control because ďguns kill innocent victims.Ē There are a reported 3,200 abortions per day in the United States. How many people are killed with guns daily?


I have a question for the person who wrote about gun owners for hunting and recreation. Do you use an assault weapon for hunting or for recreation? What do you use an assault weapon for? Think about it.

The problem in not guns. Itís people. More people (children included) die from alcohol-related vehicle accidents each year than any other non-medical cause. What if he had decided to get in a car and run over students on the school grounds? Would you want to ban cars? People kill people, and if you remove one means of committing murder without removing cause of the act, you are just putting a pretty bandage on a broken limb that really needs a cast. What this nation needs is God in our schools, our city councils and especially in our elected leaders.

Tax hack

Itís been more than three weeks since the state told us that those whose tax returns were hacked would be notified.


To the individual who mentioned ďbeing spanked,Ē congratulations. I turned out pretty good, too. It was not the parentsí fault. It was a very disturbed individual who had access to his motherís guns, all of which were legal. Sadly, we will never hear her side as to why she needed such firepower and ammo. Maybe if she would have locked those weapons up in a simple gun locker, and only she had the key or combination, this tragedy could have been prevented. Who knows. So sad you had to be spanked.

News flash

It is nice to see that the captured or arrested Americans came home, but here is a news flash. Do not visit or hike close to borders of any country that we already know falsely accuses or arrests foreigners, particularly Americans. Do no take any guns or drugs across the border, and do not preach any religion that we know their governments hate. If you do those things, we sympathize, but do not expect us to keep coming to the rescue if you break their laws.