Sisters Rebecca, Heather and Sam Moore are certain Santa must have had an extra-large sleigh to fulfill Rebecca's Christmas wish for shoes to give to those in need.

Hundreds and hundreds of pairs of shoes greeted Rebecca on Christmas morning.

“I wrote a letter to Santa in November, but I didn't let anyone read it and didn't tell anyone about it,” Rebecca said and explained that in her letter she asked for 300 pairs of shoes – 125 for girls, 125 for boys, and 50 for babies. “Shoes were like, the first thing that came to mind.”

Rebecca, 9, was inspired by her older sister Heather who, several years ago, donated clothes and toys to charity.

Santa more than granted Rebecca's wish.

Bags and bags full of boots, sandals, flip-flops, high heels and sneakers were found in the family's living room on Tuesday totaling 613 pairs of shoes.

“There's like, a lot of stuff,” Rebecca said. “It was just crazy. This is really cool that he got me more than I asked for.”

“He probably took a long time here,” said mother Emily Moore. “(Rebecca) was very nonchalant about it. We're like, 'What is this? Can somebody explain?' She was like, 'I asked for shoes.' Then later she got emotional.”

Santa even left Rebecca a letter, thanking her for her unselfish Christmas spirit.

“I'll be keeping an eager eye out to see all the greatness that comes from this special Christmas gift,” reads Santa's letter.

Santa also wrote that he had to enlist the help of several elves to help him gather all the shoes, some old and some new.

“His sleigh had to have been bigger to carry all of that,” Heather said. “All of us were like, 'Oh, my gosh, that is a lot of shoes.'”

Some of the shoes will be going with Rebecca's uncle to Honduras when he travels there on a mission trip.

“The rest is going to Children's Place,” Rebecca said. “I think they'll just be really surprised.”