I was reading in the paper about the nose-blowing in restaurants. I am so glad to know that I wasnít the only person raised with manners. I, too, am disgusted by people who blow their noses in restaurants. I have often asked my husband as to why people continually do this in restaurants while other people are eating their meal, and why donít they go to the bathroom to do it?

Ignoring debt

I wouldnít give this president, or any president, the power to ignore our debt limit and spend whatever he wants. Where is the balance of power in that? Can you envision someone abusing that power? This looks like an immature expression of arrogance.

Do your research

Iíd like for all of our Aiken County residents to pay close attention to the organizations they are donating to. There are a few in Aiken County that arenít so legit. Itís a sad situation when there are groups out there that are not legit and are willing to take money away from the people who are really trying to make a difference. I donít know about all of you but my donations will continue to go to the SPCA here in Aiken and the Aiken County Animal Shelter. I respect them for the job that they do every day. Please research the groups you are supporting and make sure they are doing exactly what you think they are.

Second Amendment

Just want to say that they are not assault rifles Ė they are not automatic, they shoot semi-automatically, making them just like your hunting rifle but with a bigger magazine. I also want to say that the Second Amendment is not in place for hunters rights but for the rights of us civilians to protect ourselves from criminals and an out of control government. We lose our right to bear arms, we lose all our rights. If you think thatís crazy talk, then I guess youíll see. Maybe it wonít happen today, but it would happen eventually. So I say go after the criminals with guns, not law abiding citizens.

Pull over

If you are on a four lane highway, driving in the left (fast) lane and cars bunch up behind you, you are a slower driver and should move over. If cars pass you on the right, move over. If you are on a two-lane highway and cars occasionally back up behind you, move to the shoulder and let them pass. If this happens often, you are a hazard on the road and should give up driving. Remember, you do not have the right to drive as slowly as you want in any lane that you want. And, if your slow driving causes an accident, you can be held liable.