Use of a weapon

I do not know of any legislation or proposed bill that would make guns illegal. Assault rifles and their clips are what is proposed. It’s not about disarming the public to prevent a future possible government takeover by its citizens. If that’s what you think, then we should all be able to buy tanks, missiles, grenades and nuclear weapons. Would you make that legal? I grew up with guns in my home, my brothers were all hunters and I am not opposed to anyone having a weapon in their home. Why do you need an assault rifle to go deer hunting? Is it to kill a herd? I’m quite sure that’s illegal. The few seconds it takes to reload a gun could make a difference between life and death. Placing armed personnel in our schools is pure stupidity, and the NRA should be ashamed of even suggesting this as an answer. I have son-in-laws and brothers who are members of the NRA, and they believe that assault rifles and their clips should be banned. They use their guns for hunting game and not people.

Ways to help

To the person who said that metal detectors would help, as I learned today, the shooter blasted his way in, a metal detector wouldn’t have helped. We need to get rid of these army-style weapons that hold 30-round magazines. I’m a hunter, and I don’t have an AK-47. I hunt deer and wild hogs. I don’t need a gun that they use in Iraq or Iran. Please lets take these weapons off the streets. I’m a hunter and a member of the NRA. We also need to address mental issues. We don’t need to cut back on programs that help people, and I hope that our Congress won’t cut back trying to save money and let our children die.


To the person who asked how many countries contributed to the people in New Jersey and New York, the answer is one: Israel.

Beauty of Aiken

Funny how you are only a “busy body” if you suggest something that interests you but apparently bothers someone else. Yes, the new bridge is safe because it was paid for with tax dollars and built to safety codes. No, it is not eye-appealing because today’s standards do not seem to allow for aesthetics as they once did in the past. We enjoy the beauty of Aiken’s old buildings, walls and parkways because someone cared enough to design them for future generations. Some would like to carry on that tradition to keep Aiken a special place. If it doesn’t affect you in any way, why would you complain about someone else wanting to make something nice-looking? This type of thinking is a symptom of what is happening in America today and why we live in such a hateful, negative society.