Student charged after spitting in drink

A juvenile was charged with assault after he reportedly spat in a teacher’s drink at Midland Valley High School.

According to a report by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, the student removed an open drink from the employee’s desk while the employee wasn’t looking. The student, who had been “dipping tobacco” when the incident happened, spit into the drink and returned it to the teacher’s desk.

The employee reportedly wasn’t aware of what happened until she finished drinking the item.

Burglary at church being investigated

Authorities are investigating a burglary and vandalism that occurred at a church Batesburg. According to a report by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, a church member arrived at the church on Friday and found multiple items out of place in the kitchen, empty candy wrappers on the floor in the nursery along with an open bottle of juice that came from the kitchen refrigerator and a cigarette bud.

Officers also found a robe that someone had taken from the choir robe closet and apparently used it to sleep under. The suspect also used the lid to a toilet upstairs, broke the door to the secretary’s office and took a portable DVD player and laptop from the office, according to the report.

Woman detained after attempt of shoplift

An Aiken woman was detained for shoplifting after she reportedly tried to shoplift more than $1,200 in electronics from Walmart, according to the Aiken Department of Public Safety. The suspect tried to push a cart containing 41 items valued at $1,285 out the door of the store without paying, according to the report.

She told officers she was going outside to get her checkbook to pay for the items.

Man reports being victim of hit, run

A 40-year-old Aiken man told authorities he was struck by a vehicle in the Walmart parking lot and that the driver fled the scene.

According to a report, the man was in the parking lot of Walmart on Richland Avenue, when a vehicle traveling across the lanes in the parking lot struck him and threw him against some nearby parked cars.

The victim told officers he believed the mirror hit him and that the vehicle was traveling at a low rate of speed.

He was unable to provide a description of the vehicle, except that it was a grey sedan.