Dear Scott: Can you give me some hair and makeup ideas for the holidays? I wondered what was being shown that would make me look like I am festive, but I don’t have any ideas. I am asked to a lot of parties at the last minute and never know what to do with myself other than wear an ugly Christmas sweater.

Holiday Hair: For quickie updos at the last minute any time of year, the pony tail is still the quick fix.

Don’t just stick it in the middle of the back of your head like you are going jogging, though.

If your hair is fresh and clean, use a large barrel curling horizontally to create loopy curls.

Pull them loosely back into a pony tail to achieve a soft wavy look. Twist the pony into a soft, loose, chignon and pin the ends.

For not so clean hair, add a little gel to confuse the eye. Take the pony to the side and twist the tail until it turns into a knot, pin the ends tight.

You can use this quickie side style with the wavy clean hair, too, for a fashionable finished look. Pin the pony loosely instead of knotting the hair.

All that glitters is not gold. Try using a little silver sparkle to create a holiday illusion.

Add a touch of silver glitter to the chignon only. Don’t dump it all over your hairdo. A little glitter goes a long way.

Merry Makeup: Erase the stress with an application of concealer under the eyes.

To avoid cakey results, try a foam tip applicator to achieve an airbrushed effect. Add some silver glitter under the eye for ultimate results.

Silver glitter eye shadow and eye liner is always a great way to look festive.

Line the upper lid with a dark color in the cat-eye trend, then follow over the top with the glitter liner. Don’t use the glitter shadow if you are using glitter under the eye.

False eyelashes are in the trend again. Keep a pair on hand for instant evening eye enhancement. Jeweled lashes are a holiday plus.

Remember to keep your sparkles to a minimum. If using the jeweled lashes, skip the glitter on the eyes and add it to the hair instead.

Glossy lips in plum or pink are the trend for the season under the mistletoe.

Use a shiny lipstick first. Then apply a clear gloss over the top to make your lips pop.

New Years Nails: Glitter nail polish is a nice addition if you have the time. Use a topcoat of clear glitter over your existing polish for a fast fix.

Add a few jeweled rhinestones in a random fashion for a starry starry night effect.

This trick will give you the look of well manicured hands even when time is limited.

Tip of the season: Relax. Confidence is the key to looking good.

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