Once again, tragedy has struck and man, in his typical way, is seeking answers in all the wrong places.

A number of other tragic events are being called to compare, such as Columbine, Aurora and the Tucson incident (however, strangely omitting Fort Hood, Texas.)

And as usual, the first culprit to blame is an inanimate object, the gun – the argument being, if we had stricter laws it would not have happened.

Man, in his spiritual darkness, refuses to see the truth.

It never seems to occur to him what is happening to society.

This hellish act was most likely by a frail, pitiable product of today’s decadent culture, and nothing more.

Society is fabricated of certain basic institutions – home, church, school and country, all undergirded by moral acceptance, and we are seeing all these destroyed, nationally, before our very eyes.

When there is a breakdown in this structure, all the laws in the world cannot protect us.

Remember, the Ten Commandments which teach “though shalt not kill,” “thou shalt not steal” and “love thy neighbor as thyself” are forbidden in our schools today.

If it can be accepted, a little bit of heaven came to Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Conn., on Friday, Dec. 14. Though severe, it gave America a little respite from its reckless, downward spiral.

As a result, in Newtown as well as all over America, some parents may be holding their children a little closer and considering their eternal destiny, at least for a brief moment.

God can be severe in his mercy, how else do we explain his sending his son into the world to be humiliated, flogged, spat upon and nailed to a cross to save humankind. His explanation, “God so loved.”

A.G. Blackmon


LETTER: Man refuses to see the truth