A big thank you to the young man working at Atlanta Bread Co. Sunday when I left my purse. When I realized 30 minutes later that it was missing, I returned to find all of my belongings in my purse untouched which included a credit card, phone, camera and $43. The gentleman had taken it to the back when he saw it and returned it to me when I walked back in. I surely do appreciate your integrity.


I was just curious how many countries we give millions in aid to thought to help the people in New York and New Jersey. None probably.

From God

To the person who wrote that food stamp recipients are selling their freedom for bread ... Really? How many people do you personally know who receive food stamps? Unlike so many generous people in Aiken, you are probably sitting in your gated community judging the poor. Some receive food stamps once in their lives in order to feed their children. The Bible says that we will be shown mercy to the degree we have shown it to others. So, I am going to pray that you have a change of heart. Everything we have comes from God and can also be taken away – in the blink of an eye – just like our lives.

Loves her job

As I sat in the dental chair and she worked on my temporary crown, I heard her say, “I just love doing this.” When was the last time you heard someone say that they loved what they do for a living? Most of the time, we hear people complaining about their jobs. Tiffany, keep on loving your job and setting a good example for all of us. Your enthusiasm, dedication and expertise are admirable.

Police box

What is really needed in the city of New Ellenton is law enforcement that actually understands law. Homes, vehicles and businesses in the city are being broken into and robbed. And the sound of gunfire seems to be a nightly occurrence here. These criminals never have to worry about being caught because no one is looking for them, much less trying to arrest them. I think there are bigger issues in New Ellenton than not having a Redbox.


The tragedy that went on in Connecticut probably has parents thinking about home schooling their kids. It just isn't safe out there anymore.