Cathryn Lyons’ little sister’s interest in role playing games served as the motivation for finding ways to get her voice heard by others. A musician, entertainer and actor, Lyons’ talents made her a natural for transitioning into an exciting vocation.

“She’s been playing Dragon Age and Mass Effect, and all of these newfangled games that feature a lot of voiceover work,” said Lyons.

However, the fact that Lyons’ sister possesses talent as an actor and is an avid reader compelled her to take on a new challenge. Lyons produced a home recording of one of her sister’s favorite books, “Howl’s Moving Castle,” by Diane Wynne Jones.

The experience was so enjoyable for Lyons, it inspired her to seek other avenues where she might be able to turn a home project into a more marketable skill.

Lyons came across the website, the Audiobook Creation Exchange, during her exploration for more information while perusing through search engines.

“It’s a hub where authors/right holders of written works can meet up with narrators/producers who can submit auditions for the work they want to narrate,” Lyons said.

The voice talent/narrator does the majority of the recording work on her laptop; Lyons learned from trial and error as she experimented while recording “Howl’s Moving Castle.” The voice artist invested in a headset microphone, similar to the one’s used by gamers, she said.

“What’s nice about it is that it holds the microphone in a pretty steady position,” said Lyons. “My brother is a computer genius, and he introduced me to the free sound editing software Audacity.”

It was through networking and friendships formed over the years through her Renaissance Festival experience that Lyons came in contact with members of the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company.

“They produced dramatized recordings of pieces written by members of the company,” said Lyons. “A friend of mine is actually a very good writer. He wrote some very clever parodies of the last couple of Harry Potter books. I was Hermione and Nymphadora Tonks. That certainly did fan the flame to be in the public ear.”

Lyons’ latest effort will be released Jan. 1. It’s a book by Peggy Dulle, the first in the series of Liza Wilcox tomes called “Death is Clowning Around.” Lyons has been contracted to do all four books in the series.

To contact Lyons, call A Harp to Remember at 673-6188.