At the December meeting of the Senior Men’s Club of Aiken, Frank Peel was presented the Man of the Year Award for service to the club, his community homeowner’s association and his church.

The honoree has been a member of the club for eight years, has served as a member of the club’s board of directors for several years and is currently chairman of the house committee. Peels’ presence is required at club meetings well ahead of time to assure members can pick up their name badge upon arrival. He has assisted the club in updating the membership directory, as well as making and maintaining member name badges used to promote fellowship among the members.

Peel has recently qualified and been certified as a driver to take veterans to their medical appointments using a van provided by the Veterans Affairs. He volunteered for this as another way to “give back” to those who have served their country. He served in the Army Special Forces in Laos, Vietnam, something he seldom mentions.

As a resident of the Kalmia Landing, Peel serves as the volunteer chairman of the building maintenance committee. He has taken on several maintenance projects himself and has made a number of cost reduction changes at the Kalmia Landing Clubhouse. Each month for more than eight years, he has prepared the Activities Calendar for the Kalmia Newsletter.

Peel has been assisting with the sound equipment during church services at St. John’s UMC.

Peel retired from his career at Chem-Nuclear. He was born in Chicago and raised in Kansas City, Kan., where he met and married his wife, Barbara, nearly 32 years ago. He has five children, nine grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.