Too many guns

Enough! There are far too many guns loose in this country, and itís time to get rid of them. No one outside of the military or police needs an automatic or semiautomatic weapon. I know all the arguments, but the tragedies (some accidents, some not) that result from having so many guns around overwhelm the perceived need for just about everyone to have access to guns. The elections are over for now. If the Second Amendment canít be drastically changed, letís repeal it all together.

Lost coat

If you accidentally left a long black pea coat at the USCA Convocation Center at Dancing with the Aiken Stars, we have it at the Child Advocacy Center. Someone else lost a long dark gray coat at the event. We think that the jackets were accidentally switched. Please call 644-5100.

Scrapple and grits

As long as I am a law-abiding citizen and pay my taxes, I will eat scrapple and/or grits anyplace I want to.

Helping for Christmas

To the man who was at Goodwill, we donít know his name, but he was giving $10 to families in need for Christmas. He really helped me with my daughterís Christmas. Thanks again.

Justify spending

Many recent submissions to this column support the currently proposed widening of Hitchcock Parkway between Silver Bluff and Route 1 without mentioning a single goal or measurable objective. If you want to justify spending many millions of dollars to build a landing strip for distressed aircraft, at least I would understand why this is so important.

Design and function

With the new bridge, I only have one question. Why could it not look exactly like the newer bridge that was built beside the Willcox on Newberry Street? Nobody seems to ask that question. That bridge is very functional and attractive. The new bridge on Laurens looks like an expressway ramp. Never in a million years would I have thought our ďpickyĒ review board or City Council would allow such a structure in the heart of town.

Cleaning a gravesite

I was wondering if there was anybody that can let me know how to get someone to help clean up a gravesite in Clearwater. Itís my grandparents and great-grandparentsí grave, and my great-grandfather was a Confederate solider who was wounded, but Iím not able. There are only four of us left in the family.