Retail giant Wal-Mart said that its Sam’s Club store, currently in an early phase of construction to the Westside of Aiken, should be opening in 2013.

One of the largest retail constructions in the area, the membership-only retail warehouse club owned and operated by Wal-Mart Stores Inc. hopes to have its doors open in around a year’s time, according to the company.

“The project is on target, and we hope to be able to open late next year,” said W.C. Wertz, divisional director of public affairs and government relations for Wal-Mart, on Thursday. “We’ll have a more specific date in a few months.”

Plans for the store show an approximately 139,000-square-foot wholesale warehouse and a six-pump gas station. The site will be accessed from two entrances with dedicated turning lanes. These changes to the roadway are now visible to motorists heading to Georgia on U.S. Highway 1.

Figures released by the Bentonville, Ark.-based retailer estimated 150 to 175 new jobs will be created by the facility once it is in operation. These positions should start to be advertised by late summer or fall.

“Typically, we’d start the hiring process about three to four months before the opening date,” said Wertz.

Wal-Mart does not release figures on the investment amount, number of workers or small businesses used for the construction.

Founded in 1983, Sam’s Club is the eighth largest retailer in the United States and second only to COSTCO Inc. as a membership wholesaler. There are around 600 locations across the country open to the roughly 47 million shoppers who currently hold memberships.