Authorities have arrested a man they say robbed and kidnapped a woman in downtown Aiken on Thursday, then stole her vehicle. 

The Aiken Department of Public Safety has not released the identity of the suspect. The incident happened around 8:50 p.m. Thursday. 

The 24-year-old victim told officers she had pulled her Toyota 4Runner into a parking space across the street from Hotel Aiken on Richland Avenue and was on her phone with a friend when a man approached the driver’s side door of the vehicle. She told officers she thought it was one of her friends, and when she stepped out of the vehicle, the man pushed her back in. 

The suspect reportedly “had his right hand in his jacket pocket displaying it with the assumption he had a handgun.” He told the victim to hang up the phone and move over, then got into the driver’s seat, according to the report. 

The suspect told the victim “they were going to the bank and not to do anything stupid,” according to the report. The victim directed him toward her bank, Bank of America, where the suspect drove the wrong way into the drive-through and pulled up to the ATM, according to the report. She gave the suspect her card and PIN number and he asked how much he could withdraw. The victim told the suspect he could only get $100, and he responded: “I will kill you if you are lying.” 

The suspect got the cash and kept the debit card, then pulled up to Park Avenue and told the victim to get out, according to the report. The victim said she grabbed her jacket and purse and started running, while the suspect drove down Park Avenue and turned onto Hayne Avenue. 

The victim ran to Aiken Brew Pub and called police. According to the report, the victim’s debit card had been used twice since the incident at a convenience store in Johnston.