I wanted to know if the people whose income tax returns were hacked have been notified yet. It’s been over three weeks and we just want to know that we’re in the clear.

Still a mule

To the busy-body that’s not satisfied with the bridge on Laurens Street, you can dress a mule up like a race horse, but guess what, it’s still a mule. A bridge is a bridge. To me, it is perfectly good the way it is.

Thanks ADPS

A huge thank you to the Aiken Department of Public Safety for hiring only the best. I called on Dec. 15 for some non-emergency assistance. The dispatcher was polite and called back a few minutes later to explain that some emergency calls had come in around the same time but an officer would be en-route shortly. When Officer Hawkes arrived on the scene, he went above and beyond the call of duty. Just wanted to let them know their service is appreciated. May they all stay safe and have a Happy Holiday!


What happened in Connecticut is really upsetting. Nobody seems to get it that what’s wrong with today’s youth is that parents don’t discipline their children. I was spanked as a child, and I grew up to be a perfectly fine gentleman.

Bless the children

It’s so sad about the little children who lost their lives. I know they’re in heaven with God, but it just hurts so bad. It just really, really hurts.

Planned sickness

It seems too convenient for Hillary Clinton to be sick and not able to testify on Benghazi. Was this planned?


When was the last time something was made unavailable when it was made unlawful? Making guns unlawful would only make the black market for them more profitable like it did with alcohol and does with drugs. The political pressure to outlaw guns has nothing to do with public safety. It’s about disarming the public to prevent a future possible government overthrow by it’s citizens. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better, making this is a real possibility. People, not things, need to be held responsible for their actions. If he ran a tractor-trailer through the wall of the building, would we want to make trucks unlawful?