These are the bookings recorded for the Doris C. Gravat Detention Center for Dec. 20. Some of the people listed may not have actually spent time in jail if they posted bond and were released. Although those listed have been arrested and charged, that does not mean they have been found guilty. All bookings may be viewed online by visiting and clicking on the “Crime” tab.

Michael Jamar Steele, 25 — driving under suspension, driving under the influence

Antonio Tavarius Davis, 32 — driving under suspension

Kyle Logan Bailey, 18 — driving under the influence, disorderly conduct

William Richards Sheppard Jr., 44 — assault and battery

Garrett Johnson III, 48 — criminal domestic violence, assault and battery common law, criminal domestic violence

Carvie Matthew Campbell, 29 — assault and battery

Isaiah Keiron Rouzan, 19 — receiving stolen goods

Jeremy Sinclair Woods, 24 — National Crime Information Center teletype hold

Nicholas Everette Corbin, 29 — federally chartered banking

Terry Eugene Green, 33 — criminal domestic violence, disturbing schools

Paul Daniel Wright, 34 — defective brakes, driving under suspension first offense

Williams Joseph Puckett, 36 — shoplifting first offense, hold per National Crime Information Center teletype for Hall County Sheriff’s Office

Threather Ann Sanders, 58 — driving under the influence

Maurice Loman, 57 — public drunk, shoplifting first offense

Heather Evelyn Peace, 29 — disorderly conduct, public drunk

David Nicholas Prickett, 34 — public drunk, disorderly conduct