Taking Christ our of Christmas

The Xmas season has finally arrived in full force and none to soon for retailers across America. No more famous a birthday celebration for any child ever born to mankind has taken place. Yet the new Xmas season comes early. Folks buying gifts for other folks in hopes to receive in like manner. Paid vacations all around, plenty of parties and travel.

Most people really don’t say Xmas, they say Christmas. I really think you’ve got to be pretty ignorant or over educated to call it Xmas. Do you agree? I mean think about it, the first recorded embryo implant was Jesus Christ. Don’t you find that pretty amazing? Doctors didn’t figure that out until the 20th century.

Something else, that child didn’t have the blood of a normal human. He had to blood of God. Folks ought to read that Bible man, I mean it’s way out there. Sci-fi’s got nothing over a Bible.

How about a human “man” with God’s blood and he dies for you and sheds that blood just for you. That’s his gift this Christmas for you. You think you can give him something, no you can’t. He already owns everything.

Everybody has noticed how crazy this is about Xmas versus Christmas. Really folks, the creator just gets lots of laughs about the whole thing. No matter how hard the enemies of Jesus Christ try, it just brings more attention to the Son of God. Isn’t that ironic to you Xmas people? Keep calling it Xmas and take away everything people love yet he receives all the glory and us Christmas people just laugh along with God. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. And have a safe Merry Christmas season.

David Ackerson