What will Scott do?

Now that Gov. Nikki Haley has named U.S. Rep. Tim Scott as the replacement for U.S. Sen. Jim Demint, the question to be asked is: “What happens next?”

Jim Demint has been a thorn in the side for establishment Republicans for many years. He was a complete non-conformist, and I am sure that Sen. Mitch McConnell is glad to see him go.

What will Sen. Tim Scott do? He was promoted by DeMint to be his successor, so DeMint must be grooming Scott to be just like him. If Scott follows DeMint’s advice, then South Carolina will be the loser in this deal. Scott could surprise all of us and decide to present a more moderate view when he takes his seat, but if he does that, will the Republican voters send him back to the Senate in 2014?

I am sure that question will be in the forefront of Scott’s mind as he pursues his new job.

From a personal perspective, I am glad that DeMint went for the money at the Heritage Foundation. Let’s hope that he gets lost in that think tank with minimal impact on the country’s political affairs.

Moses Mims