Country over politics

The person in today’s TalkBack that requested Gov. Haley replace Jim DeMint with someone who puts country over political party has the right idea. Maybe next we could do the same thing with the resident of Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.


Here are some survey results: more than a third of Americans believe that recent natural disasters are evidence that we are in the “end times” described in the New Testament – 46 percent of Americans believe that human beings didn’t evolve, but were created as they are less than 10,000 years ago and 31 percent of Americans believe in both ghosts and astrology. In this context of so much ignorance on the part of so many (more, I suspect, than any other developed country in the world), what did the Aiken Standard choose to run as its big-print headline on Sunday? The Mayan “doomsday” prediction. The mission of our newspaper should be to inform people, not to perpetuate confusion, misunderstanding and superstition.


Sirens are supposed to get your attention, not play out your favorite melody. It does not matter if the emergency vehicle is an ambulance, fire truck or police car. Your only concern should be to yield the right of way or face a stiff fine.

No need for it

I am a gun owner and I see no reason why any one outside of the military or law enforcement needs a 30-round assault rifle. If you cannot hit that deer with one shot, maybe you should try fishing. Let’s tell the NRA and our politicians we will not be snowballed.

Safest nation

If more guns would make us safer, we should already be the safest country in the world.