Tragedy underscores societal problems

Is there any doubt now that our society is disintegrating around us? The tragedy of Newtown, Conn., simply underscores the culture rot and moral decay that characterizes our nation.

I’m amazed as I watch the news and listen to reporters and those that they question express only surprised shock at the evil, terror, tragedy and heart-break.Those who shake their heads and wonder why, those who want to ban all firearms, and those who attack the medical community for not having the young killer institutionalized have their eyes closed to the nature of the secular, progressive, liberal culture that now permeates our society.

Advertisements scream out the marvel of realistic, violent video games. Television and theater are saturated with presentations of murder, rape, drug orgies and mass killings.

The media available – watched, heard, and participated in by children and adults alike – glorifies violence. The top of the best seller list shouts out immorality and calls it “art.” We have desensitized ourselves to the realistic horror of evil. We turn out heads to sin and call it “bad choices.”

Children and teens grow up with violence slammed up in front of them every day. Suggestive popular music broadcasts that “if it feels good, do it.” People who immerse themselves with these messages lose the ability to differentiate fantasy from reality.

A nation that is killing unborn children, that is destroying the traditional family, that is substituting relative truth for absolute truth and that is making it illegal to teach the values of Faith that founded this nation should not be surprised at what happened in Connecticut today.

The United States of America is not exploding; it is imploding. We are the enemy. The only hope, as it has been for two millenniums, is the message of Christmas.

Jim Saine