When I was in the 4th grade, almost 70 years ago, we learned that the father of a girl in our class had died at age 38. The whole class was shocked. Personally, I worried for a long time about the impact on her and her younger brother. Did they have money without the father (mother’s seldom worked outside the home in those days).I worried more about my parents and my sister and what might happen to us if my father died.

I remember this trauma after 70 years have gone by. He wasn’t shot. He had a coronary. I’m concerned about the long-term impact these murders will have on the survivors 5, 10, 25 years from now, and by extension, their spouses and children.

The stubborn refusal of our elected representatives to deal with these issues in any meaningful way is a terrible dereliction of their sworn duty to protect our citizens.

A few years back, some nut had a bomb in his shoe on a plane and we caught him. Now every airport in this country requires you to remove your shoes before you can get on a plane, but for 20 murders of children in a repeat performance that happens all too often in this country, nada, rien, nothing.

Not only do our lawmakers have no guts and live in fear of NRA politics, but both parties bear equal blame for a change. Wouldn’t it be novel for a committee of knowledgeable people to discuss this and eliminate the 2nd amendment as a consideration until they decide how to improve this horror. Then we can consider the negative impact on our constitutional right to own and use machine guns.

Edwin Bowers