Thank you

Somebody left me $40 for my grandchildren for a merry Christmas. I appreciate it.

Emergency vehicles

It does not matter whether it is a fire engine, police car or ambulance. The point of a siren is to let people know that an emergency vehicle is approaching and you need to use caution. If you are so worried what it is, you can see when the vehicle passes.

Susan Rice

I don’t blame Susan Rice for withdrawing from the Secretary of State position.


Congress should be required to attend the funerals of each of the 20 little children slain in Connecticut. Then they might be shamed and have the guts to reign in the NRA.

GNAC coverage

I want to tell you I was very disappointed with your coverage of the GNAC meeting. A lot of people from the Aiken/Lexington area who live in close proximity to that site spoke towards the end and made strong arguments. The fact that they weren’t quoted is completely outrageous and very bad journalism and gives the air that your paper has been bought out.

Fiscal cliff

What is our world and our country coming to? Who is this Barack Obama that holds such sway over our lives? Do we have to live our lives as if everything depends on what Obama wants? I am so tired of this fiscal cliff and all these threats hanging over our heads.

Dr. Oliver relocation

This is for the person who wrote about Dr. Gerald Oliver who relocated. You are entitled to your medical records. Call the South Carolina board that licenses doctors. Their investigators will follow up.

A bridge is a bridge

To the busy-bodywho’s not satisfied with the bridge on Laurens Street, you can dress a mule up like a race horse, but, guess what, it’s still a mule. A bridge is a bridge. To me, it is perfectly good the way it is.

Sandy Hook

What happened in Connecticut is really upsetting. Nobody seems to get it that what’s wrong with today’s youth is parents can’t discipline their children, because the state will throw them in jail. I got spanked as a child, and I grew up to be a perfectly fine gentleman.