I can’t verify this but I heard Longhorn Steakhouse wants to build a new building in town when we got a Ryan’s that’s closed down. I don’t know why they want to build a new building when we’ve got a vacant one they can move into.

Beautify the bridge

I agree something should be done to beautify the Laurens Street bridge. A better idea is to face the concrete with brick or stone.


I love grits, but I know a lot of Southerners born and raised will not eat grits or drink tea. Those people who want to eat scrapple, keep looking until you find it. You eat what you want to eat.

Closed stores

Just left downtown Aiken, Friday night, people walking all around, it’s 6:20 p.m. and all the stores are closed. It’s almost Christmas and people are out and about. They couldn’t hang in there this weekend? I have no pity for any of them that have to close.

Lackluster mall

I am disappointed with the lack of Christmas decorations and all the empty storefronts at the Aiken Mall. It is no wonder that so many are driving to Augusta to shop. Aiken deserves better.

Easy by comparison

In respect of recent tragic events, maybe, President Obama and our Congress can come to an agreement on our country’s budget? Settling the fiscal cliff issues should be simple in comparison to dealing with the loss of 26 innocent souls. Come to a mutual agreement and end this issue, so we as a nation can focus on grieving.

Etched into history

When are we, as a society, going to get it? The media is as much to blame for these horrific crimes as the sick “you-know-whats” that commit them – though not intentionally. Everybody in this country now has to look at the face of a loser who will now be a footnote in history forever. That’s probably exactly what 95 percent of these animals want. Now, this person who was a nobody is now a somebody and will live forever in infamy. Perhaps if, as a nation, our media, government and law enforcement would let it be known that, in the future, the identity of these mass murderers would remain totally private. The crimes could be covered but names and faces would not be disclosed to mass media. If this could possibly happen, I believe these type cases would almost vanish. This would also help the poor families of the guilty, whose lives are forever tarnished by the act that was committed by their kin.