Metal detector

In another gun-related tragedy, a shooter walked into a Connecticut elementary school and killed 26 people, including 20 children. Since it doesn’t seem that we are going to get rid of guns, maybe the answer is to install metal detectors in all the schools and all the public buildings and have them wired to set off an alarm. These tragedies are unspeakable and totally unnecessary.

Jesus wept

Jesus must have cried yesterday as he welcomed those precious children into his arms.

Background check

You need a voter ID to vote, but you don’t need a license to buy a gun at a gun show. What’s wrong with this picture?

DeMint’s replacement

Governor Haley, please replace Jim DeMint with someone who will put country above party. DeMint always put party above country.

Strom Thurmond Jr.

I think Gov. Haley should appoint Strom Thurmond Jr. to be our next senator. He is from Aiken. He would fight for Aiken and SRS to complete its cleanup mission and to provide for our future.

Laurens Street bridge

There seems to be a great deal of angst among some Aiken residents over the design of the new Laurens Street bridge. It’s a bridge folks, not a work of art. It’s was designed and built to get vehicles safely over the railroad tracks. It looks very similar to hundreds of other bridges in South Carolina. The old bridge was not particularly attractive, but it got me from one side to the other. Here is a suggestion for those of you who hate the bridge – don’t use it. Out of sight, out of mind.

Pointless visit

It is pointless to take your child to the doctor when your child is sick. They won’t prescribe anything unless it’s pneumonia. They always say, “It’s something viral and it will wear off or come back in a couple of days.”


Emergency sirens should be at different pitches and more pleasant to the ears. One cannot distinguish between fire, police and ambulance.

Crosland lights

Can someone tell me why there aren’t any lights in the Crosland Park park? It’s so dark after 5:30 p.m.


Any business that takes Christ out of Christmas, I will take my money out of your holiday.